My blog is moving on !!

It’s time for me to give my blog a fresh start… and a dedicated domain name !

Since I started my new school course, I know I will not have much time to keep on write long posts… So instead I’ll now be working on a great ‘web-marketing toolbox’ gathering my selection of apps and tools, books, news and so on !

See you soon on the brand new version of e-responsible !

Happy Bday, Google !

So on last Friday Google turned 15 – hey I’m older that it is, damn it !

And for those you are nostalgic (or, like me, don’t remember) about the old look of our fave search engine, simply type “google in 1998″ to see how it looked back then – quite a cool doodle :


More interestingly we can say the company’s mission – “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful ” – has proved remarkably durable. So this celebrating was the perfect opportunity for Google to release a brand new update of its search engine called Hummingbird, dedicated to manage more complex queries by attempting to understand the meanings and relationships of words and concepts.

On the official post announcing this update Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, explained how comparison and filter tools built into Google’s “Knowledge Graph” will let users ask questions that don’t necessarily have simple answers in a way that feels less like a search and more like a conversation :

You can pull up your phone and say to Google : ‘Tell me about Impressionist artists,'” Singhal explains. “You’ll see who the artists are, and you can dive in to learn more about each of them and explore their most famous works. If you want to switch to Abstract artists, you can do that really easily with our new filter tool. 

And on that same post was published an interesting visual recounting all major advancements of the Google search engine :

google search timeline

click for full-screen view

And to finish, here’s a little comparison of the state of big tech companies when they were 15 – I can’t be wrong saying Google’s numbers are truly impressive !

when big companies were 15

Resource : Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results

Just a short note to let you know about a great survey published by Adobe and dedicated to giving you an overview at what optimizations can lead to increase online conversions: the “Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results” is out since April.

This 16 pages PDF gathers data from more than 1,800 respondents from all over the world (Northern America, Europe and Asia) and “explores the key areas where digital marketers need to excel in order to ensure success “. It provides insights at digital “key findings and strategic opportunities for the year ahead “.

adobe digital survey 2013

Survey key points :

  • optimizing investments and conversion rates
  • delivering targeted content
  • improving site search
  • offering automated recommendations
  • optimizing for mobile devices
  • measuring social performances

So don’t wait any longer to download and read this really instructive resource that will give you effective takeways for your digital marketing strategy whether you or your company are concerned by B2C / B2B commerce :

Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results


PS : the document is also available in French here : Résultats de l’enquête menée en 2013 par Adobe sur l’optimisation du marketing numérique

Snipcart, Effortless Shopping Cart


You thought creating an e-commerce website was tough work that required very specific skills ? With Snipcart, all you need is… a website !

Using simple HTML markup, turn any existing website into an extensive shopping cart platform. Snipcart allows payment processing, shipping estimates and order management without ever letting your customers leave your website.


All you have to do is sign up to Snipcart, and then add the Snipcart script to your pages : this will automatically add a checkout cart to your website ! Next on, simply turn your links <href> tags into a buy button : “The markup allows you to define your product’s properties, including the price, the weight, the product name, the product page and anything you can think of ! 


So once a buy button is set up, click on it will make your cart appear :


With this very smart system you get to keep your customers on your website throughout the whole checkout process : “no redirections and no back and forth from one site to another ” ! Also, you manage your sales and orders directly on your Snipcart dashboard, with even provides great analytics to help you keep an eye on your products performances.


Other nice features and advantages Snipcart offers :

  • Mobile cart is mobile friendly (responsive).
  • The cart is 100% customizable since it’s pure HTML/CSS : it can easily fit your website design.
  • Snipcart is integrated with the major shipping gateways (FedEx, UPS, etc…) to give a real estimate of the shipping cost for each and every product you’re selling.
  • The service is available worldwide, no matter what country you’re selling from or shipping to.
  • Snipcart is integrated with multiple payment gateways : Paypal, Stripe.
  • All Snipcart’s interactions and exchanges go through HTTPS to ensure security.
  • You can use Snipcart to sell both physical and virtual goods (e-books, softwares…).

Sounds great, but how does it costs ? Indeed e-commerce CMS or other platforms are generally rather expensive… Here, you’ll find honest pricing based on a transparency : Snipcart will charge a 2% fee of the sales you make, and that’s it. That way if you don’t sell, you don’t have to pay anything for your shop ! They even offer special pricing for high volume sales on demand.


Alright no more suspense, here’s the link to that amazing tool :

I thinks such a solution is a very smart answer to making online selling easy ! With basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, anyone can start an e-commerce activity in a click. Don’t worry, the Snipcart team has a full documentation for you to get started with their tool with step-by-step explanations : You’re welcome !