Google Analytics E-Mail Reporting

> setting up email reports for your website traffic stats

When I work on a website project, I always include the creation and set-up of a Google Analytics account that will allow tracking visits stats, sources of traffic, number of visitors, and so much more… But I quickly realized my clients will never log to this application, which is normal as they have more important things to care for in their work, or maybe they’re simply not familiar with using it… So what I do is to create custom e-mail reports for them: we only have to choose what info to be in the report (ex. traffic type, or visitors overview, etc.), how often they’ll receive it, and that’s it – a PDF document will directly arrive in their mail inbox, only containing data they’re interested in!

Let’s now walk through the process for setting up a custom Analytics report:

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.

2. Anywhere on the Google Analytics dashboard – whether in Home, Standard Reporting or Custom Reporting, look for the Email option (circled in red on pic below).


3. Select what data you want your report to display: it will contain the precise content of the page you were on when you clicked Email. So when your choice is made, click the option. For ex. as shown below I choose Standard Reporting > Traffic Sources > Overview, so when I clicked Email the report title is “Traffic Sources Overview”.

4. Set up the report:

  • In the field To, enter e-mail adress where the report will be sent.
  • Leave Subject as it is or chance it if you want.
  • In Attachments, click dropdown menu to display choices, I recommend selecting PDF.
  • Choose Frequency – I recommend selecting Monthly, and then in Day of Month select Last Day. That way the report will offer a nice overview of the past month activity.
  • Click Advanced Options, and select for how long your report will be active, in number of months.
  • Type a short note to remind your client what the email is about, and click Send – done!

To finish, if you want several reports to be send in only one e-mail, you can use the Add to existing email option: set up one first report as explained above, then start again with a second one, and before clicking Send, choose Add to existing email. It will display a box that shows you all the email report you set up – all you have to do is ticking the one on which you want to add this second report you’re working on!

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