App Review :

> who said website creation was tough work?

A free, 100% cutomizable, Search Engines-friendly website… with no coding needed at all ? That’s the promise made by WiX, a web-based “Free Website Builder” tool :

Few days ago I decided to give it a try, first to see if it could help me to promptly build a nice-looking pro website for my web-marketing freelance activity – I’ve been considering this for quite a while and now I want to take action ! – and also to eventually consider offering this solution to my clients who want to easily manage and update their websites by themselves – my idea would be to build the website for them and then to give them a short training about how to use the tool according to their needs. Let’s check all this out !

1. Get started in seconds

All you need to get your free account open is an e-mail address and a password. Once you’re logged in, you can start working! Browse the left-side list of categories to see thematic templates – and keep in mind you can get pictures-less ready-to-use grids by selecting Blank Templates. Also choose between HTML5 and Flash templates with the Type button.

Once you’ve found something nice, click Edit  to start customizing it in Editor Mode. Don’t panic, this tool in question is such a breeze to use thanks to its Drap’n’Drop system ! To give you a quick overview about how it works, watch this short WiX demo video below:

Believe me, even if webdesign is not your industry at all it will not take more than 1 or 2 hours for you to totally handle it and get to do exactly what you want – and the hardest part of work might be figuring this point out!

2. Need inspiration ? Need help ?

No problem! You can browse through tons of example websites that were made by people like you and me using WiX: on the WiX homepage simply click the Explore button (or directly visit link below to get your own idea).

And in addition of the useful “help boxes” that the editor mode will display when you’re working on it, WiX also provides you Step By Step Video Tutorials. Also visit the Support page for extra thematic videos, or to reach 24/7 phone or e-mail assistance.
Wix Learning Center &

3. Attractive features

Discover all the nice things WiX can do for you – honestly their offer is really appealing :

  • You can choose whether you prefer your WiX website to be made in HTLM5 or in Flash.
  • The Editor Mode offers you to work on your SEO by filling out options that will be equivalent to “title”, “description” and “keywords” tags.
  • In addition of helping you build your website, WiX is also a hosting platform – so that all aspects of your webmastering are managed in one single app
  • WiX deals with e-business too, as you can create your online shop! Of course this is a paying feature, but it yet remains very attractive comparing to other e-shops solutions…
  • On WiX you can even “Get Social“: include social networks buttons on your pages, create a professional-looking Facebook page thanks to dedicated templates, etc.
  • Your WiX website can also suit mobile devices.

4. “Boost” it – or face few a “free version” drawbacks

Although the free version already offers a lot, you may have to consider upgrading your account to enjoy non-negligible assets :

  • Connect your own domain if you don’t want your URL to look like that:
  • Remove WiX branding to make the website your very own – indeed the free version displays quite unaesthetic ads:
  • Increase both storage and bandwidth to improve website performances.
  • Display a custom Favicon and connect your website to Google Analytics.

WiX provides several “Premium Upgrade Plans” starting from 4.08$/month to 16.17$/month. Click here to learn more.


My rating: ★★★★☆☆ > Wix is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) with many great features. The ease of handling it amazingly surprising, and the fact of everything being customizable makes it a very good compromise for the ones who doesn’t want neither to invest in a webdesign agency nor in learning programming! If you have good visual sense the result will quickly be nice-looking and unique. Just don’t fall into the “trap” of publishing a pale copy of existing models – so take time to make it your own. From interactive pictures galleries to contact forms, portfolios and navigation menus, from basic/minimalist pages to rich/sophisticated ones, WiX has a solution for everyone and every type of industry!

As for my will of using it for my freelance activity…

  • …to create my professional website : NO
    > Indeed I’d necessarily have to upgrade to a paying version as I’d want to both use my own domain and to remove these ugly WiX ads – zero credibility for someone who provides services in website creation. And to tell the truth I cannot afford monthly fees yet, especially for something I can do by myself – even if it will take me more time, I prefer my pro pages to be my own…
  • …for my clients : YES, why not
    > I learnt that WiX has a new Resellers Program which “enables designers to create websites for their customers, using the Wix Editor. Not only is a Reseller getting paid by their customers for their design work, but additionally, WiX pays them a commission for every premium website that they create.” – this can be interesting for me, and even for my clients: the webdesign work being easier when using WiX my services fees will get lower!

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