SEO Glossary : On-Page / Off-Page

> 2 complementary strategies for 1 single goal: improving the ranking of your website

Search Engines Optimization work can generally be divided in 2 distinct fields: on-page optimization for what can be made on the pages of the website itself, and off-page optimization which covers activity that takes place elsewhere on the Web.

“On-page” SEO (or “on-site”) consists in all the elements you totally have hand on as the webmaster of a website:

  • Code meta tags – <title>, <description>, <h1>, <alt>…
  • keywording strategy
  • URL structure
  • internal net-linking
  • editorial content
  • ergonomics, usability, accessibility

In opposition, “off-page” (or “off-site”) SEO stands for elements you cannot control directly, that’s to say external factors:

  • link-building (including sponsored links campaigns)
  • Social Medias influence
  • popularity ratings – ex. Domain Authority, PageRank, etc…

Obviously an effective SEO work might me a balanced combination of both fields – quality content promoted by smart external channels is an optimal solution, although this might definitely be more easy to say than how things work concretely!

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