App Review : SEO Soft

> a tool for SEO keywording watch

Back to business on this fresh new year with an essential tool for SEO keywording, SEO Soft. Like anyone else dealing with Search Engines ranking, I had been looking for quite a long time for this : a free but still powerful app to monitor keyword positioning watch for website I own and/or work on – and here it is !

SEO Soft

Developed by Anthony Gosme (@nifrou), SEO Soft is a very good solution, tested and approved for my part. You can click one of the links below to download it – for free of course! Then read my post on to learn more on its features and get started using it right away.

> download on <
> download on <

Main features:

  • You’ll be able to watch keywords requests positioning for up to 50 different URL !
  • Also use the tool for competition benchmarking, as you can monitor and track your competitors’ rankings.
  • SEO Soft generates reports in HTML, PDF, DOC, HTML, ODT or RTF with the evolution of keyword requests between two dates.
  • It offers graphical display shaped as electrocardiogram to help you get a better understanding of the positioning watch. For exemple if you get a slight increase followed by a drop, then the chosen keyword is surely over-optimized and had suffered a Penguin penalty! Good SEO work might give a progressive rise.

Quick set-up guide:

Launch SEO Soft and go to Configuration tab. On line of tabs below, make sure you’re on Keywords positions. Then choose the tab for your URL: ex. URL 1, URL 2, etc… Type in the URL of the website (or precise page) you want to follow. Don’t forget to indicate the language of the website and keywords queries for accuracy. Next enter each keywords requests in dedicated fields – this list is flexible: every time you add one request another blank field will appear below so that you can monitor as many request as you want. As for the Search on top feature, I recommend leaving it by default first – it will automatically adjust then, according to the results the app finds. Don’t forget to click the Save button when you’re done.

SEO Soft settup 1

Then switch to Advanced configurations tab. For my part I mostly care about the Erase all keywords doublons and Organize all keywords by alphabetic order features.

SEO Soft settup 2

When everything seems fine to you, click the Ranking statistics tab to go to main screen. Use the drop-down menu to select which website you want to display results for. Select a period of time, and also an Interval and Average. Click Search to display requests positioning results.

SEO Soft settup 3

“Ranking statistics” interface caption :

  • Keywords > request searched in Google
  • URL = URL found on Google SERPs
  • Position > current ranking position
    Yellow star = new record was set that day – grey star = record was equaled
  • Evolution > evolution of ranking position since last monitoring
  • Best > best ranking position ever recorded by the soft
  • Results > number of search results for the selected request
  • # > number of keywords request in your SEO Soft list

Tip: click the tiny + blue button as shown below to display the list of competitor pages for the selected request. 2 other buttons will appear, letting you see details and even PageRank for these competitors. Here, that’s all you need to get started !

SEO Soft settup 4

Software details:

Free – Windows only – License: Freeware – 2801.4 KB – version 3.0 Relase 55 – last updated 10/08/12 – downloaded 169,478 times – French / English / Portuguese.


My rating: ★★★★☆☆
A tool as I like them, simple and effective. My discovery of this tool is fairly recent, so I hope that it will hold the distance on long term. But for now I might say it’s quite good for checking ranking positions for website I take care of, thus giving me the chance to observe and understand the impact of my actions. So now is time for me to implement my little academic knowledge on actual projects I’m working on to see if I can correctly rank the websites in question on chosen requests… – and I don’t know if SEO Soft is the best for monitoring tasks, but indeed it is absolutely correct, exactly what I need !

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