How-To : Measure Your Facebook Page Success

> metrics and KPIs definitions for your Facebook Insights analytics

Facebook Insights is the analytics dashboard to help you monitor your Facebook strategy. It is available from the time your Page gets a minimum of 30 Likes. To access your dashboard, log into your Facebook Page and simply click See all in the Insights thumbnail of your homage.


Dashboard is quite easy to read, and for each item you’ll get a definition on question marks mouse-over. Image below shows dashboard homepage – don’t forget to switch between tabs at the top of it to get more detail data about Likes, Reach or Talking About This.


Let’s now get diving into the different metrics Facebook Insights offers, knowing that our goal is definitely to get efficient measuring of our actions and publications in order to optimize them. Yes, web analytics is no doubt to help you create content that will catch the attention of both your fans and your target audience.


Facebook Insight metrics – definitions

  • Reach > “the number of unique people who have seen your post” – fans and “friends of fans” who are logged into Facebook and actively viewing their news feed.


When clicking any Reach  number a dispatch graph will appear : it’ll give you the distribution of “traffic sources” – organic, paid or viral. The Reach indicator depends a lot on the day and time when you publish something on your Page – you need to study your audience and your Reach evolution to determine the best moments to make new publications in order to reach as many fans and friends of fans as possible!

  • Engaged Users > “the number of unique people who have clicked  your post” – that’s to say they came to see a pic in its full-size view, or clicked to see number of Likes or on your Page’s title, etc…


When clicking any Engaged Users  number a dispatch graph will appear : it’ll give you the distribution of users’ actions – keep in mind that a single user can make several actions, that’s why the Engaged Users  number can be lower that Photo Views  for example.

  • Talking About This > “the number of unique people who have created a story  from your Page post” = comments, Likes, Shares, responds to event, answers to Facebook question.


When clicking any Talking About This  number a dispatch graph will appear : it’ll give you the distribution of users actions – Likes, Shares and Comments.

  • Virality > ratio of number of People Talking About This divided by post Reach.


Key Performance Indicators

You don’t need to monitor dozens of KPIs for your Page, you need only the right ones according to your objectives!! So here are 6 KPIs I find very interesting for a Facebook Page analytics work and that are not directly provided by Facebook Insights – you’ll have to calculate them by yourself and I recommend using spreadsheet documents to track these performances: a monthly or weekly reporting is enough, don’t forget to create curves for better visual representation of data in question.

Conversion Rate
> the ratio of People talking About This out of organic impressions – how many people who saw your publication generated engagement by taking “concrete” action?
Post conversion rate = (# People Talking About This (comments + likes + shares) / # organic impressions) x 100 = %

Interest Rate
> the ratio of Engaged Users out of organic impressions – how many people who saw your publication got interested enough to click on it?
Interest rate = (# Engaged Users / # organic impressions) x 100 = %
Engagement Rate
> the ratio of People Talking About This out of Engaged Users – how many people who were initially interested by your publication generated even better engagement by taking “concrete” action?
Engagement rate = (# People Talking About This / # Engaged Users) x 100 = %
Viral Reach
> the ratio of viral reach out of total reach – how many impressions reached “Friends of fans”? What (types of) posts are more likely to have good virality?
Viral Reach = (# viral impressions / # total reach) x 100 = %
Churn Rate
> % of your fan base turned over during the month – are your fans getting annoyed by your publications??
Churn rate = (# FB unlikes + # FB unsubscribes) / (# fans at the beginning of reporting period + # new FB likes – # of FB unlikes & unsubscribes) x 100 = %

Paid Likes Rate
> if running paid media, use this KPI to get an idea of how much engaged traffic is driven to your Page via your Ads campaign(s). Go in the Likes  tab > Sources of Likes.
Paid Likes Ratio = (Likes from ads / total of new likes on the period) x 100 = %



NB: extra pieces of advice

  • Be careful of always selecting the right period of time – KPIs monitoring is useless without a precise definition of time segments!
  • I recommend not taking care of the Friends of Fans metric given on your dashboard homepage, as this shows “the number of unique people who were friends with people who Liked your Page” – which make no real sense when trying to improve your Pages performances. Rather stick to the Virality  indicator.
  • Keep in mind that users Liking your Page create much more potential virality than the ones commenting on your publications. So you might adjust your KPIs to this notion if needed for your strategy.
  • Studies show that 80% of a post Likes occur within 8h after the publication was made – again choose the moment you publish something with careful attention.

Images courtesy of Grez Productions – thanks!

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