SEO Keyworking With Google Trends

> getting insights at what the world is searching for
Google Trends is a tool dedicated to reporting trends in keywords requests in search engines – it “shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages” (source Wikipedia).
As you can guess such a feature can be quite useful for your SEO keywording strategy : Google Trends can help you select your target requests according to their popularity. In other words, using Google Trends leads you to the important notion of visualizing market demand over time for any keywords of your choice.
So let’s now get a glance at what types of information you can get via Google Trends :
  • Seasonal interest > ex. “folding bike”

google trends - folding bike

  • Punctual interest > ex. “new pope”

google trends - new pope

Comparison of degree of interest > ex. “google” versus “yahoo”

google trends - comparison

  • Forecast > ex. “SEO”

google trends - forecast

  • Singular vs plural > ex. “folding bike” vs “folding bikes”

google trends - sing. vs plur.


Google Trends is a fantastic tool that can help to understand market demand and search trends. The valuable information it provides can be used to make decisions about your business or project market strategy, as this tool might even be indicative of offline market trends.
To finish I’d say Google Trends might definitely be used as a complement to AdWords Keyword Generator Tool, which will help deepen your keywording insights by providing complementary data such as monthly number of requests and competition rate.

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