What A Job : CDO – Chief Digital Officer

> the rising (and top) job position for web-marketing and digital strategy

CDO, standing for Chief Digital Officer. As I just find out about this term during my daily tech watch, it’s time for a short definition for what I hope to be a future position for my career…!

Web project manager

The last two years have seen the rise of the Chief Digital Officer, a senior executive who sits at the right hand of the CEO and works together with the CIO (Chief Information Officer). Indeed it’s rare to create a new ‘C’ level role with the opportunity to redistribute responsibilities among senior executives. For sure the CDO has to help them designing, building and supporting products and services in the complex context of the company’s web and interactive strategies.
In other words, this new profile is here to take the challenge of supporting the organization transition into the 21st century digital economy and society – he/she is able to oversee the full range of digital strategies and drive change across the company.
As you can guess the CDO is obviously a digital expert who has to show competencies in technology, e-commerce, customer behavior, mobile, social media. And as I always say, though knowing how to code may or may not be required, the ability to manage developers and ask the right questions is a minimum. CDO candidates might be able to plan and execute long-term strategy around driving customer awareness, engagement, experience and monetization.
But the CDO might as well be a qualified project manager, knowing how to set sound business strategies and how to implement them. That way CDOs should have strong experience developing new channels and business models, as well as innovative products and services.
In short, CDO is not a seat I will take right after graduating from web school : this position is the completion of a career as a web project manager, or as well as the head of web-marketing department – precisely what I aim at !
For more info and regular updates check out the official CDO resource linked below :

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