SEO : Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

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SEO is not an easy job, that’s for sure : “Google has confirmed that they use approximately 200 ranking signals in their algorithm. However, they never publicly listed them all. While this infographic is by no mean official, it aggregates the best information we have about how Google ranks pages and websites.

PS : this infographic in question is 800x20112px, and 7,80Mo – so click the “title” image below to view original file, as it was too big to be directly published on my blog flow !


To give you a sneakpeak at what you’ll find in this infographic, here’s the list of its sections :

  • Domain factors
  • Page-level factors
  • Site-level factors
  • Backlink factors
  • User interaction
  • Special algorithm rules
  • Social signals
  • Brand signals
  • On-site webspam factors
  • Off-page webspam factors

Source : this infographic is brought to you by and Backlinko.

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