Bounce Rate : The Traffic-Light System

> memo for bounce performance levels

For the record, a bounce in web analytics terminology is a 1-page, 0-visit action : a visitor arrives on your website, views one page, has no further action and then bounces off to another website or closes their browser.

Such a metric is quite basic, however it also is definitely essential has it can be so telling for your web performance : high bounce rate means poor users engagement, so obviously bounced visitors have no value for your business, that’s why they’re important to minimize.

But from what degree of bounce rate onyour pages should you start worrying ? Analytics guru Brian Clifton offers a “traffic-light system” to determine page priority for that metric :


NB : for a blog, it is totally normal to find a 100% bounce rate since users blogs in general are designed for reading directly on the main page rather than navigation to internal pages.

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