Social Medias : The 7 Deadly Sins

> a humoristic touch for the temptations of Community Management

Just a few days ago I came upon a very nice slideshow dealing with an impactful approach of what your brand should avoid in Community Management. I really liked the concept, but instead of simply sharing the presentation with you I wanted to make my own recap of these “social sins” you might break free from… !

7 deadly social sins.

GLUTTONY > You cannot be everywhere. You might select the channels that suit you brand needs and specifications.

GREED > Don’t even think there’s a way of getting thousands of followers fast and automated. Your community is made of people, not numbers.

SLOTH > Never leave messages unanswered, reply promptly to you audience to show your account is active, and that your brand is available for conversation. Social Media is definitely an everyday work.

LUST > Social Media is no quick fix whether it be for money, fame or power. Instead it might be a part of a long-term strategy to make your business grow.

WRATH > Be careful when responding to negative comments and/or users complains about you, your products or services : what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet, and your brand image can suffer from inappropriate reactions…

ENVY > Don’t be on a particular network simply because everyone else is there, and don’t be on social networks just to have more fans or followers than your competitors do. 

PRIDE > Being social is no way about speaking only about you or your brand ! Listen to your audience, and then talk, making it more about them.


Source : SlideShare – XPLAIN – the seven deadly social medias sins

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