GAIQ Studying Random Facts #3

> memos and notes about Analytics issues


  • In Google Analytics, Page Depth is the average number of pages on a site that visitors view during a single session. In the Audience > Behavior > Engagement report, Page Depth is used as a dimension, and Visits is used as a metric. In this way, you can see the total number of visits that included one page, two pages, etc.
  • What does “” usually mean in Google Analytics ? Twitter as a value for Source in the Referrals report.
  • Although you can apply the same filters to multiple profiles, you must manage filter order separately for each profile.
  • Each user with either administrator or read-only rights can customize a profile’s dashboard separately, so that one user’s dashboard changes are not seen by other users accessing the same profile.
  • Avoid making judgments on data that is less than 24h old because it often is the most inaccurate. This explains why by default the current day is omitted from your data window, although you can manually include it.
  • Where to access your Google Analytics Tracking Code ? Since Google Analytics customizes the tracking code for each property (which equates to each website in most cases), you can find your GATC at the property level in the Admin section (and not at the account level).

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