GAIQ Studying Random Facts #4

> memos and notes about Analytics issues


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly alerts in the Intelligence reports are generated once you activate them. FALSE : Intelligence alerts are generated automatically (as the data triggers them). Custom alerts require setup.
  • You can create custom advanced segments within a profile whether you have Administrator or User access to that profile.
  • A lowercase filter applied to the Request URI does not apply to campaign parameters appended to the Request URI. Indeed the Request URI filter field applies to all URL parameters except Google Analytics campaign parameters.
  • If you define a custom report as having a main dimension and a subdimension, you can drill down from a main dimension value within the custom report to a separate report displaying the subdimension values for that main dimension value.
  • .The settings for URL parameters in Google Webmaster Tools affect search engine indexing. URL parameters excluded in Google Analytics do not affect search engine indexing. GWT to allows you to ignore variations of specific URL parameters in order to consolidate indexing and generally avoid duplicate content issues. This has no effect on Google Analytics. You can use exclude URL Query Parameters in GA to consolidate requests URIs that have the same page content. This simplifies Google Analytics reporting but does not benefit search engine indexing.
  • The In-Page Analytics report is available from the Content section in the left navigation, and also as a tab in the Site Content > All Pages report.

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