GAIQ Studying Random Facts #5

> memos and notes about Analytics issues


  • Important note : in GA, Profiles are being renamed as Views ! Although not directly concerning the GAIQ test, I noticed this interesting note on the Google Analytics support section, and I think we should quickly start using this new terminology :

profiles renamed as views

  • True statements about goal value and e-commerce revenue as calculated in GA:
    – Value for a specific goal page does not vary.
    – Revenue for each e-commerce transaction can vary.
    – A goal and its specified goal value can count only once per visit.
    – Multiple e-commerce transactions can generate revenue in a single visit.
  • True statements about custom alerts :
    – A monthly alert can be based on a comparison to the previous month or the same month the previous year.
    – You can have custom alerts emailed to the Google Analytics account holder and also to other email addresses.
    – Custom alerts can apply to specific dimensions of your traffic.
    – Custom alerts can be based whether on absolute values or percentages.
  • Once a Content Experiment has ended, Google Analytics no longer redirects any visitors to any of the URLs for the page variations.
  • Annotations that you make while viewing one report also appear in other reports. Annotations are available in the Social Sources Report, Content Experiment reports and Explorer-type Custom reports. They are not displayed in Flat table Custom reports, nor in the Real-Time reports (since they serve to record past occurrences).
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